Nugget 003

If our purpose is to know Christ better and exalt him more, then whatever differences we may have in our doctrines will be forgotten in our worship of him. ...Obiabo Samuel Israel. #OSAS #OnceSavedAlwaysSaved??? Originally posted on Obiabo Samuel Official


Nugget 002

Balanced diet is very important in the maintenance of good health, and deficiency of any class of nutrient has its own complications. Same way spiritual balanced diet is important, be careful the kinds of spiritual food you take in as a christian, we have seen cases, situation where by brethren would be finding it dificult… Continue reading Nugget 002


Mystery. ​ The cryptic feeling that soaked me whenever the thought of you finds expression in my heart is unequivocally something I will investigate using the duration of a lifetime.  This must be a conundrum of an organised hypothetical mystification, the more I reach for perfection; the more perfection is within my grasp. The more I… Continue reading Mystery