I was going through the book of Obadiah when my eyes fell on the page that says; “In the day that thou stood on the other side……’’ I paused for a while and asked myself what does it mean to stand on the other side? And what will happen if we stood on the other side?   As I read a little further, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see that Esau was considered to have stood on the other side because he was identified with the enemies of Jacob, his brother. In the days of their calamity he was there to make more painful, he even stood at the crossway to cut off those that escaped.

Verse number 15 says “for the day of the lord is near upon all the heathen as thou haven done, it shall be done unto thee”

  My beloved, in the seasons we are now, it’s extremely painful tom know that some folks are still are still standing on the other side, they are not two ways to issue of life, it’s either you are alive or not, it’s either you are of the light or darkness, it’s either you are for Christ or against him, it will not be good if you are identified with the enemy of Christ. You may be asking or thinking how can I be against Christ or be identified with the enemy of Christ; well the answer is, if you have not given your life to Christ, accept him, if you are not born again, then you are already in the other side.

  For those of you that call yourselves “preachers, bishops, apostles……” and you are standing on the crossway cutting off [deceiving] those that are escaping from darkness to light, by false gospel, remember the day of the lord is near.

  Remember “as thou have done it shall be done unto thee.” If you are still on the other side, I want to tell you that it’s not too late, the only man that is hopeless is the man that faces eternity without Christ.” As far as you are alive you can make things right repent, give your life to Christ, it doesn’t matter how far you have gone in sin, all that matter is that He loves you[ John 3:17-21] Only you can condemn you; How? You can condemn yourself by not accepting him, by not leaving darkness and coming to the light. My friend, the master is calling…… what is your response….? Why don’t you accept him now? Later might be too late. The ball is in your court.



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