Philemon 1:1 Paul, a prisoner of Jesus Christ, and Timothy our brother, unto Philemon our dearly beloved, and fellowlabourer,
When I was reading through the letter that Paul gave to Philemon, my eyes unobtrusively scan chapter one verse one, and I decided to read it again, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see the Hidden truth in the verse one of Philemon chapter one; and the bible says “Paul, a prisoner of the lord Jesus Christ….”why would Paul addressed himself as a prisoner? What does it mean to be a prisoner of Jesus?

  Many things were running in my mind, and with an unprejudiced mindset, the Holy Spirit began teaching me. 

In the book of Rev19:13 “ and He is called the word of God.” In John chapter one, Jesus was referred to as the word of God…. Therefore it won’t be out of context to say “ Paul the prisoner of the word[ Jesus].”

  The last time I checked, a prisoner is someone who has been confined to a prison while awaiting a trial. But figuratively a prisoner is someone who has been held against his/her will; Paul addressing himself as prisoner of the word[Christ] implies that haven understood the terms and conditions still gave up all that he was, he ever achieved in life just to be confined to the word.

  The truth is, there are depth, heights and dimensions of God that we may not know, until we submit ourselves to become the prisoner of the word. “A song writer says I surrender all”…… Brethren it’s high time we gave our all to Jesus, it’s high time we allow Jesus take charge of our own will, we should be willing to serve God not only in our conveniences, also in our inconveniences.

Next time, before you react remember that you are a prisoner, remember that what you think does not count, remember that all your educational qualifications are inconsequential when it comes to doing his will.

“Ogah/Madam” remember your will should be lost in His will. 

May God open the eyes of your understanding in Jesus name.


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