James 1:8… A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

To be stable means to be firm. To have a fixed stand. To have a regular character and a consistent personality. God is addressed as the Ancient of days because His personality does not change. His words are consistent (Dan 7:9)

A man of integrity is a stable man. James 1:8 tells us that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. To be double minded is to have a divided heart. And when you are neither here nor there you can’t be stable. To be double minded is to have your mind submitted to two different purpose entirely, and that can be very destructive. Jesus addressed this issue of double mindedness because double mindedness can interfere with God’s purpose for your life. (Matt 6:21-24). How your mindset determines how your life will go.

A confused focus is a confused life.  (Gen 49:4) Jacob was saying to Reuben that he can’t excel, for he is unstable as water. There is a big connection between excellence and stability. A double minded man is an unstable man, and an unstable man can’t excel. Today we talk about the excellent spirit of Daniel; one secret of Daniel is stability. Daniel never compromised his integrity, not even for the king. (Dan 5:12, 14, Prov 24:21). Be careful on how you associate or join yourself to those that are given to change because they are very unstable and can be contagious. It is God’s will that we excel in all we do. But there is no Excellency without stability.

God expect our eyes to be single and our faith uncompromised. Approach life from a stable stand. Be stable in your academics, your business, and other aspects of life. Don’t compromise because you want to pass an exam, or you want to make money, or get married and others.

Excellence is our makeup, our stability and focus will bring it out.



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