Obiabo Samuel Israel author of Fundamental Doctrines of Christ.

Everything is built on something, the foundation. It is the foundation that determines the strength of the building, not the  beauty of the building. No one who ignores the basics/ fundamentals can achieve much because they have no root and so can't be built. The fundamental doctrines of Christ are foundations on which all other… Continue reading Obiabo Samuel Israel author of Fundamental Doctrines of Christ.


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I have seen wonder in my generation, we are in a time where doubt persists in the presence of evidence. Yet I hear a sound of hope. For Ranking men are rising. Breakers of fallow ground are rising.

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​Doctrinal Errors will always lead to Moral Errors and a complete breakdown of morality. Let's get it right in doctrines and we see that life in service of God becomes sweet and easy even in the face of oppositions from the enemy in all its forms. Shalom. Apostle Usifo

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Soul and the body make up a man, but Discipline and Spirit make up a Christian...  PST Victor Okeke once said discomfort for the right course is discipline... Godly lifestyles are built on godly principles and discipline is inevitable.

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If our purpose is to know Christ better and exalt him more, then whatever differences we may have in our doctrines will be forgotten in our worship of him. ...Obiabo Samuel Israel. #OSAS #OnceSavedAlwaysSaved??? Originally posted on Obiabo Samuel Official